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The Digital Reorganization Chart
Analyzing the Organization as a Network
Organizing at the Edge of Chaos
Virtual Reorganization
Mapping the Recovery

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Virtual Teams
2nd Edition
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Virtual Teams
1st Edition
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The Age of the Network
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TeamNet Factor
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The Networking Book
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Virtual Teams Mini-Book
Age of the Network (Abridged)


Are Organizations Networks?

International Conference on Complex Systems 2007

Weatherhead School of Management
The Easier Way to Work
Cutter IT Journal
A Systems Science of Networked Organizations
Paper for International Society for Systems Research

The Handbook for High Performance Virtual Teams (Jossey-Bass, 2008)

Supplemental files from authors

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State-of-the-art from collaboration of 50 authors. Our chapter concludes the book:

"The Virtual, Networked Organization: How One Company Became Transparent"

"Can absence make a team grow stronger?"

Far-flung teams can be remarkably productive, even outperforming groups whose members work side by side. New rules about how to manage them. >> More

Harvard Business Review,
May, 2004

Appreciative Inquiry in the Age of the Network
Chapter in Constructive Discourse and Human Organization, by Cooperrider and Avital