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Mapping the Recovery:
"Follow the Money"

In this fifth report, we review the OMB guidance on recovery spending, the data model to be used, and how we would set up an OrgScope model to map the cross-links between the source organization, recipients, purpose, and place.






Reorganization - Reports 1-4

Smarter, Better, Faster: Done well, reorganization that leverages new forms of network structures is a low-cost, high-yield performance improvement strategy

See Reorganization Summary
Visualize to see the whole organization as it is and can be
Analyze the network of positions to identify patterns and “hotspots”
Apply principles to better fit the organization’s purpose; and
Reorganize virtually quickly, physically where necessary

Virtual reorganization is the formal use of networks to supplement the fixed topography of hierarchy-bureaucracy. Instead of moving boxes, virtual reorganization connects them. Emerging strategies are:

  • Implement e-Government, externally and internally
  • Institute coordinating councils and communities of practice
  • Stimulate Collaboration with Virtual Teams of Leaders

To demonstrate these ideas with a concrete example, we have created an organization chart of the top levels of the Executive Branch of the US Government, a tree of 715 of the most senior positions (live US Gov map in your browser). The virtual reorganization strategies discussed here are extremely important for reorganizing government where adding, deleting, moving, and merging boxes of the “physical” organization is extremely hard.



The Digital Reorganization Chart

They were words you don’t soon forget. “Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the greater New Orleans area,” Aaron Broussard told Meet the Press’s Tim Russert a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast. The president of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Broussard sobbed on national television as he recounted his mother’s drowning in a nursing home because, after five days of promises, no one rescued her or the other residents. More >


Reorganization Chart

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Analyzing the Organization as a Network

If, in this difficult, resource-strapped, and uncertain environment, you have just been hired, elected, nominated, or appointed to lead a large, complex organization of hundreds, thousands, or, in Barack Obama’s case, millions of people, you face considerable challenges. You must get up-to-speed very quickly, putting names to faces and matching those to responsibilities, become familiar with each of the sub-units and what their special missions are, and getting an overall feeling for the spirit and meaning of the whole organization. At the same time, you, as the one in charge, will certainly start thinking about how to improve things—by reducing expenses, improving performance, setting priorities (which also can mean considerable triage), and ultimately reorganizing. More >


Analyzing the Organization

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Organizing at the Edge of Chaos

Early in the presidential contest between the newly-presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama and already named Republican John McCain, Elisabeth Bumiller published “Cast of 300 Advises Obama on Foreign Policy” to which the New York Times gave page-one real estate. Largely an insightful “who’s-who” of his advisers for this delicate area of national concern, the article also offers remarkable portraits of the stark contrast between the organizing styles of two the candidates. One was simple, the other complex. Guess who won. More >


Organizing at
the Edge of Chaos

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How to Reorganize Virtually

At the end of December, 2008, President-elect Obama’s pick for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, made two critical picks of her own, naming dual deputy secretaries. James Steinberg, who served in the Bill Clinton administration as deputy national security adviser, will oversee foreign policy issues while Jacob Lew, Office of Management and Budget Director in the same administration, will have responsibility for day-to-day operations. More >


How to Reorganize Virtually

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