Download: The TeamNet Factor

The TeamNet Factor

The TeamNet Factor
Bringing the Power of Boundary-Crossing Into the Heart of Your Business

© 1993 by Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps. All rights reserved.

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Chapter 1: Teamnets
Chapter 2: Seeing the Obvious
Chapter 3: Linoleum, Furniture, and Electrical Systems
Chapter 4: In It Together
Chapter 5: Inside-Out Teamnets
Chapter 6: Small Giants
Chapter 7: Instead of Layoffs
Chapter 8: Quick Start
Chapter 9: Launching Teamnets
Chapter 10: Those that Do, Plan
Chapter 11: Rascals in Paradise
Chapter 12: Fighting Fire With Organization
Afterword: "The Risk of Democracy"
Reference Section: Transforming Bureaucracies and Systems