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Mapping TARP & Economic Crisis

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US Gov map with prototype for tracking recovery - see description

Atlas of multiple US Gov and rescue maps

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About a digital reorganization chart for the US Governmen

"Transparency for Trust" essay

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Chapter 4: Trust

Subtitled "Virtual Relationships," begins with story about invention of credit and concludes with how to develop social capital virtually

One map, many maps for many purposes

  • The US government map provides the organizational structure of the Executive Branch. We fill positions on the map as people are named to new administration, with a supporting section on "US Gov in Transition"
  • To the US Gov map we have added a network layer of additional links, players, and transactions as the Federal Economic Rescue map, with a supporting section on "TARP & Economic Crisis"
  • In the Recovery map prototype of tracking grants from the February, 2009, $787 billion recovery bill, the US government map is tied to location, program, and recipient type.


Transparency of Detail AND Context
Make responsibility and accountability visible

Transparency for Trust - A Digital Org Chart for the Government