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clippings about virtual teams
The Coolest Kind of Collaboration by Ian Lamont, Network World, 11/13/2000
Do your far-flung users want to communicate as if they share an office? Here's how they can team over the Internet. complete text >>
Working Together at a Distance by William Leventon, in Medical Devicelink, January, 2002.
Dispersed product development teams may have limitations, but there are ways to maximize their advantages
Complete text >>
Secrets of a Virtual Company CEO by Jeff Zbar, Network World Net.Worker, 4/30/2001
"The boundary-crossing, virtual team is the new way to work..." complete text >>
New ways to network by David Essex,, 4/20/2001
The Web has enlivened the old art of strategic schmoozing. complete text >>
A New Kind of Glass Ceiling? by Toni Kistner, Network World Net.Worker, 4/01/2001
" 2004, full-time teleworkers will be the majority (this) raise(s) some important employee management issues." complete text >>
Think of People When Planning Virtual Teams by Julekha Dash, Computerworld, 2/05/2001
Consultancy CEO says technology is too often the focus. complete text >>
Employers, workers begin to hang up on telecommuting by Rachel Konrad,, 11/16/2000
Sit tight, cubicle dweller: The rest of the world may soon be returning to the office. complete text >>
An Innovative Strategy for Private Practice Survival: A Network of Group Therapists This article was published in the December/January 2000 issue of The Group Solution by Mark Sorenson, PhD, CGP. Complete text >>
Virtual teams going global by Steve Alexander, Info World, 11/13/2000
Communication and culture are issues for distant team members. complete text >>
Virtual Teams Going Global by Steve Alexander, InfoWorld, 10/10/2000
Communication and culture are issues for distant team members. complete text >>
Web conferencing: Replacing face time by Ian Lamont, Network World, 6/19/2000
Although Web-conferencing technology is still unknown to most companies, it could revolutionize the way corporate America conducts meetings, interviews, seminars, training, and other types of corporate communications.
complete text

Breaking the Barriers by John Ward, Inside Technology Training, 2/2000
Virtual teams allow communication across geographic lines, but there may be pitfalls along the way.
complete text >>


A Tale of Two Regions by Julie Bort, Network World, 4/26/99
East and West Coast companies have corporate cultures that are as different as the physical locations they occupy. How does geography affect a company's culture, policies and - ultimately - its success?
complete text >>

Getting the Most Out of a Partnership by Samuel Fromartz, Business Week Online, 4/19/1999
Frequently asked questions about forming an alliance. complete text >>

Working on World Time by Kim Kiser Training, 3/1999
(there is)...a growing community of people who work as members of "virtual" teams, separated by time, distance, culture and organizational boundaries. complete text >>


Japan influence mention in Howard Reingold' Virtual Community.

some stuff by us
Suffering from Teleconference Boredom? by Jessica Lipnack, in Line56, June, 2003
How about showing a little human compassion with five steps to relieving dial-up drudgery. Complete text >>

Virtual Teams: The Future Is Now by Jessica Lipnack, LineZine, April 2001
Now people no longer must be in the same building—never mind on the same continent—to work together. complete text

Holism for the Left Brain, by Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps, is a case study in Chapter 1 of A Systems Approach to Small Group Interaction, by Stewart L. Tubbs, McGraw-Hill, 2004. See TOC, or Buy book

"The Age of the Network" is a chapter in The Infinite Resource: Creating and Leading  the Knowledge Enterprise edited by William E. Halal.  Jossey-Bass. 1998. 265 pages.

Promising new concepts, lessons, and suggestions for leading the new organizational  enterprise are here offered by some of the best minds in business and government. Among  the contributors are Bell Atlantic CEO Raymond Smith, Indianapolis Mayor Stephen  Goldsmith, and networking gurus Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps
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