Network Organizational Structure Visualized

The same network can be rendered in a variety of ways to tune the display for visual clarity according to the user’s need, like: What orientation is best for this display? How far should the horizon stretch? Should levels be emphasized, or arrowheads shown? Do we show links crossing the org globe or duplicate nodes in each of their groups?



Levels reflect 3D nature of org, which is represented in 2D “contour lines” of visual cues.

• By default, manager nodes are color coded by level, with non-manager nodes black

• Manager and Staff color defaults can be set separately

• Nodes can display their level number (on/off)


Network Style

There are two basic ways of displaying complex networks:

 Tree style that shows a node with each of its source relationships (e.g., a matrixed manager shows up in multiple management groups); and

• Cross Links style that displays a node once and stretches each added link between it and source nodes


OrgScope represents networks of directed links, but arrowheads are turned off by default to reduce visual clutter


Trees grow from roots in from-to directions regardless of link type or tree orientation, which is selectable: Radial, up, down, right, or left


Stretches or shrinks link length, which decreases or increases the level horizon of the network display

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