Navigating the Organization Chart with OrgScope

Fly through complex network maps of organization charts, intuitive simple navigation is essential. Business intelligence made fun. An OrgScope user can select any position’s perspective in the organizational network, search for a node, bookmark a journey, and set up a selective context by expanding and collapsing multi-level nodes

Expand & Collapse

The view of a complex tree can be tuned by use of several Expand-Collapse capabilities:

• The +/- on each node
• Right-click menu options
• A View option for the whole tree


Search by node mode; progressive highlight as you type; will Find Next


Bookmark nodes, text by node mode; can be saved

Click & Drag

Click-hold-drag anywhere on the map to “fly” in any direction; click anywhere to center at that spot. Behaves much like Google Earth navigation

Select & Center

Click-select a node will center the map on it and display its Properties (if open)

Go to URL

Each node can have up to 6 URLs and/or email addresses that are double-click “hot”

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