OrgScope Maps

Enterprise demo of hierarchy web maps

Healthcare example and slideshow




Maps Reflect Variety of Networks and Purposes

The OrgScope application contains extensive functions for creating, changing, and enhancing diverse maps of trees (hierarchies) and networks. Once configured as desired, the maps can published to the web as a Java applet and viewed in a browser. Samples referenced include several live models of Orgscope-in-a-browser and a number of slideshows with screenshots.



Demo Map of Organizational Hierarchy

Experience OrgScope by flying through maps of "Demo3, Inc." a fictional company with 4000 employees, 8 levels deep from the CEO to the lowest position. These maps and their network metrics allow you to navigate and evaluate your organization's structure on a secure internal website. Maps represent data from an enterprise HR system (e.g., SAP) as calculated and displayed by the OrgScope application.

For additional context, see the Stadium Parable, a story of the whys and hows of mapping the real organization.

This very sketchy model shows how complex loosely connected networks can be mapped. Healthcare is a multi-scale network of interconnected organizations and people. Large-scale networks of all types are naturally organized in nested sets of whole-part relationships (hierarchy) with cross-links between them.
Specific institutions, like hospitals or medical schools, have internal category structures (hierarchies) as well as interdependencies with other institutions (e.g., formal affiliations).


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