Virtual Team Technology

NetAge methodology is designed for adaptation to any collaboration platform used by an organization or a network

We provide a conceptual design for the critical “anytime-anyplace” virtual team room

  • Six categories, “walls,” of a room, provide functions common to all teams and their work.

  • Additional functions will be common to all teams in the organization, while the team will populate the room with functions and information that are specific and unique to their work.

  • The “six-wall” virtual team room template offers every team a jump-start on learning and using this essential technology resource.

  • Common team functions in virtual rooms means you always know “where the light switch is.” Executives managing many teams and people who are members of many teams will function more effectively and appreciate the ease of context-shifting.


Team places are core to human groups. Without a virtual place to call “home,” virtual teams will struggle. Use the asynchronous communication resource wisely and well and virtual teams will soar

See more about the role of team rooms in Navigate: Course Correction for Cyberspace


Technology Clients
Old & New

co-developed Sharepoint virtual teams

co-developed Livelink virtualteams

co-developed prototype virtual team rooms

co-developed New England Commons
co-developed Confluence virtual teams




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