How We Work: Engagement and Projects

I had the pleasure to work with Jessica in 2006 when we developed a virtual teams methodology and handbook for managers within AB Volvo. Jessica posesses incomparable experience in virtual teams and network organizations. This together with her great personality made Jessica a great mentor and source of inspiration for both me and the project members during the project.
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from Jessica and her co-worker and husband Jeff Stamps.”
August 21, 2007 -- Lennart Wärmlind, Business Development Manager, Sigma


NetAge advises executives on collaboration strategy, working with staff to launch initiatives that become part of the new way the organization works. We provide education and training on-the-job instead of in classrooms. With our client, we co-develop innovative methods and tools that focus on people while addressing clear business issues:

  • The IT division of a large financial services organization suddenly outsourced key operations and decentralized its facilities domestically and abroad. The company equipped the pilot teams with NetAge methods, tools, and training, resulting in 34% improvement in collaborative capability. Company-wide deployment is underway.

  • A Scandinavian company suddenly globalized. When it realized it needed to jump-start collaboration in its brand-new virtual teams, the company contacted NetAge. Together, we've co-designed and delivered a multi-year program that, having started with the top 150 leaders, now reaches across the company's key programs and delivers similar services to customers.

  • When a European energy company regionalized its operations, its people, many of whom had never met, needed to work together immediately. NetAge virtual-team techniques were used to support the successful launch of the organization. When messages slowed in the new organization





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