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Kudos: How Audiences Respond...

"Thanks for sharing your very practical solutions, energy and humor with participants in The Empowered Executive. Your understanding of the pressures and frustrations faced by these senior federal executives is impressive, as is your ability to let them vent, while keeping them positive and future-focused. Your passionate commitment to great communication is evident—you brought not only valuable learning but real joy to the group; truly, you were empowering.
-- Liz Barron, Director, Leadership Programs, The Brookings Institution


"Thank you for taking the time to lead a stimulating discussion about the transformational power of teams and networks at the [organization's name] Knowledge Management conference. The insights you presented added tremendous value to our efforts to be the intellectual hub of [organization's name] Knowledge Management proponent. You made a credible, persuasive case for reinforcing hierarchy through networks of teams. I appreciate the extensive work you're done with [organization's name] over the years and look forward to continuing our relationship."
-- Lieutenant General, US Army


"On the plane last night, I was reflecting on what a wonderful feeling it was yesterday - exhilarated exhaustion - after our very successful conference. The excellent program you facilitated for our team will undoubtedly be a big part of the satisfaction ratings I am confident we will receive. I was especially impressed with the really effective - and relevant - combination of practical, pragmatic tips and powerful philosophy to guide how we build and sustain our organizational teams. As you so aptly inferred from observing us in action, we are an organization that deeply believes in the importance of achieving great results AND in achieving those results through means that reinforce and build our culture. We have so much capital in the minds and hearts of our dedicated colleagues, and your work yesterday is already helping us to better cultivate that valued resource in service to our customers. THANK YOU!!! On a more personal note, I have so enjoyed our collaboration and greatly look forward to future opportunities...Thanks again for the lovely experience of working with you. Somehow, it makes the word 'work' quite inappropriate, and that is about as good as it can get!"
-- Vice President, Human Resources, public company
"They both have a unique ability to gauge what the client needs and deliver it in such a way as to fit with the overall direction and objectives of the engagement...they quickly became true team members and provided their expertise and knowledge in a way that was always most useful for the overall effort...in other words, they exemplified the learning and networking concepts that they present and write about."
-- T.M. Botts, Gas Director Shell U.K. Limited

"Your energetic and fascinating discussion on networked organizations was a perfect fit for our Networking For Success theme."
-- Bob Evans, Vice President US/Canada Outsourcing, Unisys

"...an excellent and inspiring presentation...you have given me greater clarity and confidence on many of my intuitive ideas about organizing to manage and gain leverage from complex and constant change."
-- Jose Cruz-Osario, United Nations Development Programme

"Your presentation was thought-provoking and engaging...the team was very interested in an external perspective on a topic we live with daily...the feedback was very positive!"
-- Pamela Sima, Human Resources Vice President, NCR

"You are a wonderful and inspiring manifestation of all the things you so eloquently talk about: networking, learning, etc."
-- Renata Karlin, Shell Oil Company

"Attendees just loved your talk. You provided a key link for forming a knowledge era organization...I continue to learn from you."
-- Jay Chatzkel, President, International Society For Strategic Management

Thank you for your excellent presentation... [it] was very well received by all attendees and we are very proud to have sponsored you.
-- American Society of Interior Designers

One of the highlights of this year's AFMA conference was your presentation. It was so on the money!
-- High Points Newsletter

Everyone should get a chance to listen to Jessica.
-- University of Massachusetts College of Management

I was impressed with your knowledge and presentation skills, and your wealth of real-world examples and applications as well...I found you to be unusually authentic and approachable. You taught networking and linking as much by example as by word; we felt that we were all working as a team with common interests in mind...Practical techniques--I'll use them tomorrow!...I can use this in building purpose and trust with a peer group.
-- Executive Forum


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