Why Organizations Come to NetAge


Greater understanding of virtual teams and networks

A U.S. insurance company, a healthcare products conglomerate, a national bank, a think tank, a global consultancy, a European manufacturer, a global pharmaceutical company, a hospital chain, an Asian airline, a Latin American software company, a global technology icon, and an international financial firm, and the military all engage NetAge to tackle these uniquely 21st-century organizations.

Desire for more networked organizations

In a decade-long engagement, we recommend, design, and carry out initiatives that promote a more "networked community" at a Global 10 enterprise. Our work on scenarios, collaboration,  virtual teams, networks, organization design, and information technology contribute to the company’s leadership in these areas.  

Jump-starting global functions

A Scandinavian manufacturing company suddenly globalizes. To jump-start collaboration in its brand-new virtual organization, the company contacts NetAge. Together, we co-design and deliver a multi-year program that reaches across its key programs and customers, providing methods and tools that increase collaboration.

Linking distant teams

A large financial services organization suddenly outsources key operations. The company equips critical teams with NetAge methods, tools, and training, resulting in 34% improvement in collaborative capability. Company-wide deployment of the NetAge approach is underway.

Shifting mindsets

When a European energy company regionalizes its operations, its people, many of whom had never met, had to rethink how to work together - immediately. NetAge’s techniques support the successful launch and operation of the new enterprise.

Launching networks

A large national government takes on reinvention as a key priority. To insure ongoing connection among participants far into the future, senior leaders choose NetAge to design and facilitate the network’s kickoff and launch.

NetAge advises companies, nonprofits, and governments on collaboration - and how to make organizations smarter, more transparent, more self-aware.
Working with clients, we assess the organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities around collaboration - both face-to-face and at a distance. We recommend, design, and implement programs that radically step up our clients’ ability to collaborate internally and externally.
Long-term engagements with some of the world’s most influential organizations testify to NetAge’s success in effecting lasting, meaningful organizational growth.


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