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An Urgency in Learning to Work Virtually

There's an urgent need in education, equally shared across sectors, industries, countries, name it. Everyone needs to learn how to collaborate and work in virtual teams--right now.
NetAge has a method that works, tested by hundreds of organizations, like those on the right.
We provide executive seminars, train-the-trainer programs, and the occasional individual virtual team workshop on how to work more effectively across boundaries--whether departments, organizations, enterprises, and industries, and/or between buildings, cities, countries, and continent, and/or among ranks, cultures, disciplines, and cognitive styles. We provide vision, theory, methods, and stories that simplify cross-boundary work. Delivered face-to-face and online.
How is our education different from others? We’re the originals who lterally write the books: Networking, The Age of the Network, Virtual Teams. This is our specialty, our core expertise, 25 years in the making.
Leading Virtual Teams
Technology makes it possible to work with others around the clock and across the globe. Yet technology alone is not enough. To lead teams that cross geographical, organizational, and cultural boundaries, people need new mental frameworks and new skills to thrive in this chaos.
In Leading Virtual Teams, you learn:
Three critical success factors for collaboration
The power of using multiple media for team interactions
Ways to earn and sustain trust virtually
How launch your team remotely with an easy, proven method
Simple tools to use immediately and for the rest of your life.
In this workshop, you learn how to lead at a distance and how to think differently about behavior, roles, and communication. You will learn how to launch and sustain high-performing virtual teams using NetAge’s proven method refined over two decades in the world’s largest organizations.  
Leading Networked Organizations
Executives no longer can walk down the hall to talk to figure out what’s going on. What is the reality of leading organizations that stretch around the globe? What must executives do differently? What new mental models do they need to understand the complexity of their organizations?
In the seminar you will:
Challenge your existing beliefs about your organization’s design
Learn to find hidden leaders in your organization
Become exposed to new thinking about how to engage staff more effectively
Discover new tools for understanding your organization’s structure
Leading Networked Organizations focuses around understanding four key networks that, once understood, are powerful channels for executing strategy: the formal hierarchy, the teams that carry out work, the knowledge that lies hidden in people’s heads, and the social relationships that people form.
Effective Virtual Meetings
When was your last teleconference? An hour ago? How good was that meeting? There are many good technologies for virtual meetings but still our meetings are not as good as they could be.
Learn how to make your virtual meetings even better than face-to-face get-togethers. offers guidelines for planning and conducting great meetings and includes tips for telephone and web conferencing, online discussion forums, and virtual workspaces.
Virtual Team Room Training
Learn NetAge’s virtual teaming concepts while using your own collaboration platform
Quick start your team
Organize all team information and communication
Keep track of who needs to do what when
Record and maintain operating agreements
Easily store, revise, and access team document

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