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Someone in an organization, including those to  the right, realizes that the same-old ways of working do not scale with telecommuting. outsourcing, decentralization, partnering, and acquisitions. That “someone” contacts us and together we design and execute a plan that strengthens the organization’s work muscles:

Virtual Teams from the Top to the Customers

A European information technology company spent several years developing its cultural sensitivity within the region when, in a few months’ time, they moved key functions to Asia. Suddenly, critical business objectives were in the hands of people spread across continents, cultures, languages, and time zones. Together, we designed a program for its executives. Next came the launch of its twomost critical business initiatives. Simultaneously, we worked with the company's Collaboration Center to customize NetAge-style team rooms on the web. And we worked with internal people to produce education and support materials for internal consultants. From this, the company branded its own virtual-team service, which it provides to customers.

The Networked Community

The executive leadership team of an American energy company chartered a project to rethink fundamental issues  arising in an increasingly complex business environment. Where once the company had control over all its assets,  now it was part of a "networked community" (its phrase) where most of its work took place in joint ventures and strategic alliances. In five months, the “Strategic Initiative Teams,” where we served as principal advisors, developed seven major recommendations. All have been implemented over time in the company’s parent, global organization, contributing to the enterprise’s high regard for its new ways of working around the world (read the full case study).


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