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The OrgScope Project began in Spring 2003 in an airport. We were on our way back from, strangely enough, the first week-long Joint Forces-Army war game, where we served as experts on networked organizations. A Scientific American cover on"Scale-Free Networks" caught Jeff's eye. and kicked off new thinking and the development of this tool, OrgScope.
What happend? Familiarity with the ground-breaking work by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi and others on network theory combined with a deep immersion in the question of "echelonment," or hierarchy in the military. What if, we thought, we mapped the organization as a network? If we did, would we find"hubs," vital centers of connection, in the organizational network?
We took the idea to a long-time client who agreed to fund the initial development. This story was published as the last chapter of the The Handbook of High Performance Virtual Teams (Jossey-Bass, 2008), called "The Virtual, Networked Organization: How One Company Became Transparent".
Since then, we've been creating concepts, methodology, and technology to understand organizations as networks of positions and people.
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Why OrgScope?

Executive orientation for new leaders
Reorganization for turbulent times

"You can only see what you can see"

Values, cognitive understanding, and emotional empathy all relate to what you can see, or imagine you can see. You can only identify with—that is, step into the shoes of, empathize with—positions and relationships you can see and understand.

The telescope and microscope are among the key technologies of the Western Enlightenment and eventually the Industrial economy. OrgScope is a digital-era tool that makes networks visible at very grand scales and very granular personal scales. New visualization technologies and new data enable new mental images, new analyses, and new stories.






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