Features for Highlighting Organizational Structure

Features can be used to clarify, dress up, and/or add information to network displays of organizational structure. They can, for example, represent multiple overlapping working networks within the organization network whole. Each set of features (7) can be separately set for each node mode (6). All these features are available on the published web map


Text may be fed directly from a data system, but can be anything the map maker desires


Each node mode can have a different text cursor rollover


OrgScope shows relative quantities by diameter of red disk


Up to 6 web or email addresses may be associated with each node, making the map a giant pointer system to web-based information


Color defaults are set to levels, but each node mode can be set to any color required for map making purposes (on-off)


Pictures can be associated with each node mode on top of the text bar


Small pictures can be associated with each node mode in front of text bar

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