Hierarchy of Interlocked Teams
Management Teams
Establish Core Formal Organization
Team Leaders with direct reports are “managers” of their “management teams.” These management teams spring directly from the initial boss-employee relationship. From the team perspective, hierarchy is a structure of management teams interlocked by manager positions. This is the core structure of accountability. It is necessary, but not sufficient for the organization to deliver results.

The vertical flow of authority through the A1 “paycheck” link creates an initial set of teams made up of managers and their staff that can be many levels deep. Staff without reports may operate at any level, including the top team. All managers are line managers to their staff; “my boss does my performance report,” that is as true for a VP as it is for a front line worker.

Authorized positions may then be assembled into other teams (e.g., projects, initiatives, councils, committees) as needed to fill out the work requirements of the organization.
One position node includes:
  • One exclusive organization membership link (e.g., A1 direct report)
  • One organization title role
  • One management team