Position Nodes Are the Smallest Unit Parts of Organizations
* Line managers and non-management staff positions (most people) may be found at any level except L1 root
Positions, jobs, are the unit parts of complex whole organizations. Organization structure emerges from the pattern of each position’s link to a boss, connecting back to the root boss, the top job. Each position, job, is typically sized for a person who plays the title role of the job.
HR, Finance, and sometimes IT (through LDAP) records the manager position of each employee, the key one-per-position “paycheck” relationship required to automatically generate the complete org chart as a network
Positions come alive when a person steps into one, when it becomes someone's job
The "side view" of an organization displays its level profile, the familiar tree image. The "top" view sees the org spread around its polar hub
Employee positions are either manager or staff jobs. Line manager jobs have only staff reports, while executive manager jobs have manager reports. Executive managers are also line managers of their direct reports, and employees with respect to organization-wide policies
Positions represent the organization at every level