Counting Real Responsibilities
What is my real management load? Is mine a hub position? Depends on the links you count. And whether or not you include the contractors.
These links between people-in-positions are all significant and formal--in the sense of being explicit and part of the funded organizational structure.
How the hierarchy sees my position
How I see my real responsibilities
Contractors are rapidly becoming significant parts of organizations, and, like ‘dark matter,’ can’t be ‘seen’ in typical systems yet have powerful ‘gravitational’ effects on management load
Two galaxy clusters colliding, revealing 1st ‘picture’ of dark matter, by Chandra X-Ray Observatory, reported on
21 August 2006
Contractor teams may hook in at a single point through a matrix report
How should contractors be hooked in? With either report or group links, depending on how you want to count them. Contractors for contracting companies have internal direct reports, so customers have at best a matrix report