One node, many faces...

Each node in an organizational network has multiple "faces." An OrgScope map, like an org chart, is position based, where each box indicates: an organization name; the title of the position representing the organization; the name of the current office-holder; and, often, the official location of the position.

The Constitution is the root node of the US Government

Select node type

Organization filled
Position mostly filled
Person filled as named
Place to be determined
Resets the map to the root node
Clicks through Up-Left-Right-Down-Radial
Turns images on/off
Font size
Click button, top to increase, bottom to decrease
Click button, top to increase, bottom to decrease
Opens node Properties window, also available on right-click menu
Map Info  
Opens Information window (n/a)
Opens email to send comments
Click Path  
Back and Forward on click path of selected and centered nodes
To move the display
- Click on a node to select and center it,
- Click and drag a node to move the network, or
- Click or drag any point on the map.
Search is case-sensitive and context sensitive (e.g., in 'Per' mode). Repeat 'Find' to Find Next and keep clicking Find.
Expand/Contract...Nodes expand and contract their sub-trees by the +/- in lower-right corner of their box, or by using commands on the right-click menu.

Refresh your browser to reload original map and settings

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