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One Node, Four Types

Each org chart "box" shows
four node types

Variations on US Gov OrgScope Maps

Current USGov map with latest appointees, nominees and Cabinet org charts. Radial display of hierarchy in "cross-link style"
Current USGov map displayed in "tree style" shows the same map with nodes reproduced for each relationship
"Follow the Money," a prototype map for tracking Recovery spending by agency, recipient, purpose, and place. Find the dummy grant in each of four trees. Read explanation in NetAge Report #5 (pdf)
US Gov map with White House Task Force on Working Families in cross-link style layered on the physical hierarchy:
Tree style
Federal Economic Rescue layer of nodes and links added to US Gov map - displayed in tree style where nodes with multiple links show up multiple times - point of reference coordination
Federal Economic Rescue Network layer displayed in cross-link style, meaning nodes with multiple links show up once
Constitution is root of US Gov. Future map would include organs of Judicial and Legislative Branches. Starts in down orientation typical of hierarchy (tree style)